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LiftTruckMaster.com is the premiere asset management software for lift truck and battery management. Our cloud based solution is the most efficient solution for our clients. Whether you manage 1 location or 50 locations, it is all done with a single corporate license. The only hardware required are the scanning tablets which are used in each location to scan battery exchanges.

Our services will provide immediate ROI for your company

LiftTruck Management
Do you get tired of constantly trying to figure out why you spend so much money on your fleet of LiftTrucks? Would you like to have accurate information right at your finger tips? LiftTruckMaster.com solves all of these worries. All lift truck maintance records are kept and organized so that you can quickly access the information that you need. You can quickly if your lift truck is costing you more than it is worth.
Battery Management
Do you know how long your batteries are lasting? Do you know when a battery is having trouble? Do you know which lift trucks are having issues with short battery life? With LiftTruckMaster.com you will know all of this. Every time a battery is pulled from a lift truck, it is scanned into the system. The usage time for that battery is recorded and the replacement battery is recommended from a pool of available batteries. All of this usage data is consolidated at the end of each month to produce a set of utilization reports that can better help you manage your battery inventory.
Work Order Management
Our Work Order management system allows you to key in all of your vendor work orders or estimates and compare these numbers to the actual numbers of what a lift truck repair may have actually cost. If you perform you own in house service, we can then compare the actual repair numbers to your estimates to calculate your total internal savings.